Notes from the shop floor.

Brace B. is a founding member of Red Star San Francisco, an Anchor Brewing employee, and an organizer for the Anchor Union campaign. Lizzie M., another Red Star San Francisco member, called him to ask a few questions about the project…

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LM: Hey Brace, how’s it going?

BB: It’s been a long day…

LM: Can you share some background for the audience about this union campaign you’re a part of?

BB: Absolutely. A couple of us are members of DSA and we got to talking and realized we needed some changes at the place we work. It’s called Anchor Brewing. We make beer. And it’s pretty popular in San Francisco and I guess the West Coast. So, we went to DSA, and specifically to a member of Red Star, E., and made our organizing committee, and he hooked us up with a bunch of training and really taught us how to get started and put the foundation down. We got to work really hard, for like the next four months, and