Fight the War Machine at Home!

In the past weeks, a lengthy escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine devolved into armed conflict as Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The crisis in Ukraine is not a singular act of aggression, but the boiling-over of a conflict that has simmered not just for months or years but for decades. This conflict has been repeatedly stoked by the US imperialist order for its own benefit since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This has taken many forms: repeatedly pushing NATO expansion despite promises that this would not happen, interfering in elections, influencing political and civilian life — including stepping into the Euromaidan protests — and providing weapons and material support to right-wing extremists. The possibility of this conflict becoming entrenched, expanding outward, or evolving into a multipolar power struggle should alarm us all. As such, Red Star joins calls for a swift end to these hostilities, and urges in the strongest possible terms against any US or NATO-backed escalation.

The great promise of the end of history — liberal capitalism’s triumph over the threat of global communism — was that once and for all, the threat of a cataclysmic global war had finally been mitigated. However, liberal capitalism and

Toward the Red Horizon: Charting a Course for the Year Ahead


This document marks the beginning of a new chapter for Red Star.

When Red Star formed from the remains of the San Francisco local of the Refoundation caucus, we were a group with ostensibly shared political views, but without a shared political strategy. While the points of unity we started with were a useful tool with which to assess the situation of DSA, both locally and nationally, they did not produce a clear course of action for us to take. We attempted to undertake many different projects and operated mostly by trial and error.

In January of this year, the caucus held a strategy meeting to discuss our past and future. Over the course of an afternoon, we discussed our strengths and weaknesses, assessed our structures and practices, and debated the principles that will guide our work going forward. The process was rich with analysis and self-criticism, and we ultimately arrived at a set of conclusions that we believe will guide us well in the coming year.

We hope that this document and the process that produced it represent a clarification of our path towards the revolutionary horizon. We have sought to understand our successes and failures, and to